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        Coworking spaces have become a new drift in the working culture. If you are at the initial stage of your startup or having your own full-floor office with all other services will be a bit costly for you. Having your own office space includes the installation of furniture, cost of electricity, maintenance fees, office expenses, refreshment expenses, and other charges you have to bear on your own. Coworking office space comes with a solution for you. It comes with a lot of facilities you might be searching for.

        At the coworking space, you just have to rent a  desk according to your preference, whether you are working as a  freelancer you just have to rent an open desk and you have the liberty to use the other service provided by them, you can have the basic facilities such as wifi, printing facilities, time to time refreshment to help in continuing your work. Coworking space provides an open desk, dedicated desk, private desk, cabins, virtual office, conference room, and meeting room as per your requirements.

        A shared workspace, where the exchange of ideas with multiple people takes place. Coworking space allows you to be a part of the trending working culture. This working culture is now expanding its roots in India as well as in other countries. Shared offices are a workplace where freelancers, entrepreneurs, or working professionals come together in one place to work and get the environment to build and grow with others. It also bridges the communication gap created at the time of the pandemic as here, in coworking, various companies are working under one roof. The person sitting beside you is not from the same company. This will increase your friend circle and can gain knowledge of other companies too. Suppose you are working as an accountant and the next one beside you is a graphic designer, because of that you also got to know about the other’s work.

        As there are two phases of any scenario, coworking spaces are also not untouchable from it. With many advantages of using coworking space, it also comes with cons to using it as a workplace. It is better to be familiar with both of them.


        Here are some of the pros of using a coworking space:-

        1. Community building – At the coworking office, various companies are working in one place which gives you the opportunity of making new friends from other companies and exchanging ideas with other working people helps to expand your knowledge and will broaden your network which will be helpful for future reference. Working in a shared office space allows you to learn new things.

        Coworking space providers also organize events and parties to keep their clients active and engaged. In other words, such parties are hosted for networking too. In this, you can also enjoy yourself with each other without even knowing them. Besides all of that, you can have your chit-chat partner as you are working individually or working from a home basis then you might be searching for a person to have a gossip with and someone you can take a coffee break with and have your lunch, coworking spaces solves this problem too.

        2.. Amenities

        Coworking spaces believe in the ideology of” working in comfort leads to better growth”.

        You are not going to see the conventional office setup out there with the boring walls and the chairs which will strain your back.

        Shared spaces come up with comfortable lounging. The person who is working gets the feeling of ease as working from home. They have beautifully designed walls by using design, cool colors, and graphics to make them visually appealing. This makes the employees creative and dedicated to their work.

        3. Cost-effective:-

        Leasing an office space will be costly for you. If you are at the initial stage of your business or startup or if you are working as a freelancer. You have to rent a seat for you and your team as per your requirements, you only have to pay for that seat you have rented. It proves as a cost-effective alternative to traditional offices. The coworking office also has varieties of spacing available. However, If u are working individually, you can get a seat at an open desk and if you have a large or small team space providers also have cabins and dedicated desks to fulfill your requirements.


        With so many benefits of using coworking spaces as your new work destination and there are also some cons of it:

        1. Privacy:  

        While working in a shared office space you might feel an invasion of your privacy. You will get a feeling of someone looking at your work which will create insecurity. Many companies are working there in a single place. This might create a fear of losing your company details and important documents to be shared with others.

        2. Distractions :

        You were having the buzzing sound of someone talking on a call while working on an important assignment. This will create a disturbance and has a great possibility of getting distracted from your work which will result in increasing your workload and irritation.

        3. Not for large companies :

        Coworking spaces are best suited for individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small companies. When moving to large companies coworking office spaces will not be a good choice. It is because large companies need more space and privacy which can’t be done in shared office space.

        Coworking space has a lot of companies working under the same roof. Due to this reason, large companies can not get a suitable working environment out there. But, they can choose a coworking space for one or two meetings but it might not be possible to run their whole business from a coworking office space.

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