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        Virtual office space is a place where people connect with each other in a virtual world. It is a place where web-based communication takes place. In this type of working style, all business-related work is done through the internet. In this, you have the liberty to work from wherever you want. While working in the virtual space, you can enjoy the comfort of working from home. But still, you are having the desired place where someone is there to receive your mail and handle other tasks on your business’s behalf on you.

        This type of working culture gives the liberty to businesses and individuals to work remotely. In the virtual workspace, employers have the freedom to work from any location either within the country or across the globe.

        A virtual office provides a physical location for your business so that any mail related to you will be received by the space providers. It will be an official business address for your company. Companies who are working on virtual spacing criteria connect with their employees online via phone calls, time- to – time video chats for better connectivity.

        During the time of the pandemic, working virtually becomes the need for various businesses and companies to continue their work. In today’s world, most of the work is done digitally therefore, post-lockdown, many entrepreneurs, startups, and small and large companies are relying upon it. Remote working allows flexibility of working results in higher productivity.


        You can find your virtual workspace at various business centers, and flexible offices, and are also available at coworking centers. 


        Many business organizations and startups are choosing virtual office space due to technological advancement and shifting the working culture from traditional offices to working virtually. You just have to rent a virtual office at any coworking center, and you will

        have your professional address of the company, mail processing services, and GST registration, with that you can also enjoy the other services provided by the shared office such as internet, energy, office equipment maintenance, printing, and scanning facility.

        Having a virtual workspace will not give much weight to your pocket, as they are easily available at meager rates and also it cuts your cost of renting an office space and maintaining it. This means you are having a physical presence of your company or business in a city without any extra cost and office expense


        Here are some of the advantages of virtual office space:

        Official business address: For running any business or any company, a professional address is a legal requirement. By renting a virtual office at coworking spaces. If you are working from home you can still have a physical location of your office. To create higher trust in prospective clients and you can use it on your company documents, websites, and wherever you want. Also, it provides a place to hold meetings and talks with your clients. Having an official address rather than your home address will lead to more authentication.

        Mail receiving and forwarding: If you are working on a remote basis but still needs an address to receive your mail and parcels related to your business, coworking spaces are providing this facility to your company where they will receive your mail and also do your other business-related activities. By only renting a virtual office you can work in your comfort, anywhere you want and you will be free from other worries.

        Cost-effective: By leasing a full-floor office will overhead your expenses and the cost of maintenance. It will be an extra burden on you. If one is working from home or any startup company that can’t meet the expense to rent a traditional office. They can book a virtual office space which allows them the flexibility of working from home. Helps in cutting their cost of running and maintenance of setting up an office space.


        With so many advantages of renting a  virtual space, it also has other disadvantages.

        Distractions: As you are renting a virtual office space, your employees are working from home or maybe in coffee shops. This somehow creates a disturbance in working. Working from home has so many distractions. If you are attending a meeting and your background noise disturbs you. This will not let you focus on your work. It will not possess a good impression on your clients.

        Lack of office culture: As you are working from home, you will not enjoy a company culture at home. You can’t socialize and have physical contact with your colleagues. This will create hindrances to building a good or better relationship with them. Being in the official environment you will feel much more dedicated to your work rather than working from home. Because you are seeing everyone working around you.

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