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        What is Coworking?

        With the rise of remote working in India, the number of freelancers and startups has increased. You can find it online by searching coworking space near me and you will have a bunch of options through which you can choose your desired locations of working space. By seeing the benefits of coworking space, many companies are moving forward to work in shared working culture.

        Coworking spaces are available at prime locations in the city. Coworking spaces are the space providers to various working professionals like remote workers, entrepreneurs, small and large teams, or startups. Day by day various coworking centers are opening at many locations which tell the popularity of it. The working environment of coworking is not that of a traditional workspace, here in coworking you can have a conversation with a person working for other companies. Coworking office culture is very flexible. You don’t have to sit on one chair from morning to evening. Here you get the liberty to do your work from wherever and at whatever time. Working flexibly leads to better productivity and mutual growth. Coworking spaces are also becoming people’s first choice as a workplace. As it comes with a lot of benefits which as high-speed internet facility, wifi connectivity, comfortable lounging, and time-to-time refreshments.

        Types of Coworking Space

        Coworking spaces come with varieties of spacing and with different designs. Varieties are available according to the need and requirements of the clients. Because of the availability of different types of clients, office spaces are also available you can have the end number of choices to choose, from which coworking space is best suited for your work.

        Here are some of the types of coworking spaces :

        1. Conventional Coworking,

        These are the common types of coworking spaces where freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small startups are the target clients. In this, they can enjoy the basic facilities which are provided to them by the space: wifi, high-speed internet, and refreshment provided to be dedicated to their work. It also provides private meeting rooms, personal cabins, hot desks, and a dedicated desk. The work environment of the shared office space is quite productive and collaborative events are also hosted so that it can help the people out there for mutual growth. Attending such events and parties is helpful for them to make connections for future growth.

        2. Open coworking spaces

        Open coworking spaces are generally wide spaces and large working areas. In this type of coworking space, there will be no barriers to communication. They are usually open working spaces set to work so that people can work with the help of coordination of other working professionals. Because of the open working space. You can rent an open desk or hot desk, a dedicated desk, and can also rent private cabins for you and your team and enjoy the flexible working system which will increase your growth and productivity.

        3. Informal coworking space

        As the name suggests, informal coworking spaces just sound like working in cafes and hotels. This type of coworking space offers ease of working as if they are working from cafes and hotels. In which people can experience working in a stress-free working environment. Working in an informal workspace is increasing due to the increasing demands of freelancers and remote workers. They are adapting to the creative and stressless environment so that they can think out of the box and make their work more productive.

        From that many freelancers and entrepreneurs get their desired working place at affordable pricing.

        4. Bartering coworking space

        The meaning of “to barter” is exchanging of goods and services without including Money. Bartering systems are the oldest form of exchanging goods and services and now this is also in use in coworking spaces. This type of co-working space involves exchanging skills in order to avail of the services offered by coworking spaces.

        For example, if a content writer writes blogs for a coworking company. He or she can use the space in the co-working space. Basically, it is an exchange of skills and values without incurring the exchange of money. Well, it is a good concept for both the content writer and also for space providers as they both can fulfill their needs through each other. From this, they both can grow mutually. On the one hand where the content writer got recognition and got a chance to enhance their skill in their field of work. On the other hand space providers also got a person who can write articles for them.

        5. Fancy coworking space

        As the name says fancy’ spacing means using aesthetic designs and modern pieces of equipment to make the workplace appealing. Artistic things are also put to use for giving a classy look. This also includes comfortable and designed furnishing and lightning. To make it more attractive, the walls also involve beautiful art pieces and quotes.   In this type, the working space is built with aesthetic designs and amenities to make it appealing for freelancers and youngsters. So, that they can easily attract and also got their kind of workspace which will enhance their way of work and leads to better productive growth of them.

        These are some types of coworking spaces available. All you can decide which coworking space will be of your use and you only have to do is just rent that place and enjoy working out there. Working in the desired workplace will help to increase your productivity and leads to better future growth.

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