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        5 steps to stay motivated while working from home.

        Due to the covid outbreak, the traditional office working culture is at stake. People were forced to be at home due to the widespread corona cases worldwide. It led to drastic changes in almost everyone’s personal and professional life. On the one hand where people are trying to cope with the basic needs of their daily life. They are also tense about the future of their work as the pandemic hit the economy. This resulted in the closure of various small companies whereas many companies tried to maintain the work-life balance and to make a way out of it.  For that, they allow their workers to work from their residents. Working from home proved the turning point in the working culture at the time of the pandemic.

        WORK FROM HOME means?

        You can’t bring your home to the office but because of the shifting in working culture due to covid, you can bring the office to your home. This concept is known as work from home or work at home. In this, you are having the liberty to work with your residents. This working culture has been in trend after the pandemic hit countries around the globe. Various startups and businesses take this as an alternative to working from the office.

        WFH gives you the flexibility of working hours, you don’t have to spend your office hours sitting on your chair from 9 to 5, work from home also has the benefit to work according to your comfort. At home, you have cozy lounging where you can do your office activities with ease. Studies also show that working from home makes employees more  productive and dedicated to   their work

        You can do your office activities by enjoying a hot coffee and short intervals snacks break at home, also the other benefits of working at home. Simultaneously you are also saving your fair expense and time to go and come from the office.

        As you had already read how working from home is a good option for you but as it has lots of benefits it also comes with some drawbacks such as being at home while working may not provide you with the appropriate working environment and will make you a bit lazy.


        Here are some tips on  how you can motivate yourself if you are working from home

        1. Prepare a morning routine.

        A morning routine is very much needed to structure your whole day, Getting up late will delay your whole day’s routine and will give you an extra burden for the next day. S o, start your day by waking up early with a fresh mind, make sure you not only woke up in the early morning but also wake your body up. To let you energize you can have any nutritious drinks or you can have your favorite option, tea, or coffee, and also you can feed yourself with a light breakfast as your first meal for the day, which acts as fuel for your body to let you work properly.

        Adding yoga or physical exercise in the morning will help you to prepare yourself before the full day of work.

        2. Don’t dress in casual

        Dressing sense plays a key factor while working.  There are specific dress categories for different occasions and activities it is because clothes have a psychological effect on your mind. Let’s simplify it if you are in casual clothing you might not be focused on your work and there is the possibility of getting distracted from your work as these types of clothes you wear at home to relax.

        3. Enjoy breaks

        Taking short tea and coffee breaks will charge you after the hectic online meeting. Can you work a full day without taking a break the answer will be no, you can not work with the same energy throughout the day. Have your refreshments which will revive your energy and you are ready to work for the next such hours. You can also stretch your body or take a  short and quick walk to stretch out your body and get relief from muscular and joint pain. Hence, taking short breaks while working acts as lubrication for your work and lead to more productivity.

        4. Think positive

        To stay positive, the first thing is to think positively. By working from home it is very much necessary to remain positive as your home now become your office space. To focus on your work you have to motivate yourself. You might be feeling alone without your colleague for gossip. Besides that you can think now at home you are not having a tight routine to work and you are also not having any distractions from others’ work. At home, you can adjust things according to your will such as lighting,  and your own time to eat. Also, you are saving your fair expense and time from long traffic jams while going and returning from the same.

        5. Love what you do.

         To be focused on your work, it is the first and most important thing that you love your job and what you are doing. Without having an interest in the work, you cant do excel in your work. You can’t force yourself to be motivated in what you are not enjoying. If you are doing your desired work, you will be enjoying the work you are doing. You will not feel bored and there is no need for any extra motivation to perform well in your work. When you are assigned any work which you love to do then creativity and willingness to improve your work come from inside. You don’t have to put in outside effort and it also increases your productivity as of the company.

        Hence, here are some tips which you can apply in your life if you are also thinking about what to energize yourself when you need some motivation while working from home.

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